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Scissor sharpening and servicing





Hairdressing scissor sharpening and servicing.

We spend as long as it takes on a pair of scissors.


Hairdressing scissors are precision tools and the sharpening process is a complex one. We hand sharpen your scissors using equipment designed specifically to achieve a perfect edge. First the outer edges are sharpened using progressively finer grits. They are then honed and highly polished to produce smooth sharp scissors with a mirror finish. Japanese water stones are used to hand sharpen the inside of each blade. Blades are continually assessed under magnification so that we can identify areas which need the most work. In most cases, we can remove nicks and bumps from dropped scissors so they cut like they were new again. We can rejuvenate worn and tired scissors to increase cutting comfort and enhance your productivity and creativity.

We guarantee new scissor performance with every pair of scissors we service.

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NEWIf you're in the market for new scissors, I have hundreds to choose from. I'll help you select the perfect scissors to suit your individual style. I want to make sure you're happy with your choice and value!

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