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Edward Scsissorhand Custom Sharpening

A bit about Edward Scissorhand

I know hairstyling scissors well. I know how they should feel and how they should perform. I know styling scissors better than the rest because I use them!

I am 46 years old and have owned my own salon for 25 years. Like most of you, for many years I regularly sent my scissors out to be sharpened. But I was never satisfied with the result. At that stage I couldn't explain why. I just knew I wasn't happy with the way my scissors cut. I was told that I was ‘fussy’ and ‘impossible to please’. Fifteen years ago I finally become so frustrated that I decided to learn to sharpen scissors myself. So I began to learn the art...and it is an art. Scissors can be sharp and work perfectly on anything...anything but hair. I set out on a quest to find how to sharpen scissors so they cut hair perfectly.

Then followed ten years of trial and error. Sharpening to cut hair is not the same as sharpening to cut other textures...I sharpen scissors for hairdressers. It does make a difference. You'll be amazed by how soft and steady your scissors will feel. They will cut through hair like butter.

Ask your sharpener how they test scissors...see how many tell you they actually cut hair with them.

This is how I test my work. I'm fussy about scissors and I want you to be fussy too.


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